Unifi Ubiquiti support available on Fiverr

Unifi Ubiquiti support available on Fiverr

Guys, I am available on Fiverr for the technical support. Please feel free to reach me with any of your queries. (Unifi Ubiquiti support available on Fiverr )


Click on the following link to redirect: https://www.fiverr.com/pravink7?up_rollout=true



Do you need reliable and professional network assistance with Unifi/Ubiquiti or any other equipment? Yes, you are in the right place. Please check out my expertise below and the gig extras I’m offering.

1. The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) certified.

2. Cisco certified.

3. Hands-on experience with networking devices such as juniper, Cisco, Huawei also fiber communications, etc

4. Hands-on experience in various types of Unifi devices. (Was part of Official Unifi support team) I can help you with management, setup, configuration, and monitoring of your Unifi or any other network.

I will help you setup your Unifi Network Controller, Ubiquiti, or troubleshoot issues regarding your setup.I can also create a professional heatmap on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz for Unifi products! Besides the heatmap I will be going into detail for different plans and hardware that would be ideal for your situation regarding pricing and usage.

Beside heatmapping I also support the following configurations:

* First configurations of UNMS, UVC, UPC, and UNC
* OpenVPN configuration with Unifi security gateways
* Dashboard customization
* Adoption and update issues
* Firewalls
* VLAN’s
* Radius

Devices I support:

USG UniFi Firewall
Ubiquiti Edgerouters

Unifi Switches
Ubiquiti switches
Unifi Access points
Unifi Cloudkey

Software I support:
Azure-hosted Unifi server
Azure-hosted UNMS server
Locally hosted servers Unifi and UNMS

Feel free to message me for more information or any other question!


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