Unifi- UAP/USW Firmware

Unifi-UAP/USW Firmware Release


  • [USW] Add support to configure/show 802.1X idle timeout for MAC-based mode.*

*Controller support pending.


  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Improve memory use.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] System optimizations.
  • [FlexHD] Enable DFS support.
  • [UAP] Add support for resolving controller for guest portal when FQDN is unavailable on DNS used by guests.
  • [UAP] Change EAP auth timing.
  • [UAP] Dynamically generate a guest portal certificate (updates to match new Apple rules and FIPS-140-2 requirements).
  • [UAP] Improve DNS latency reporting to mitigate false positives.
  • [UAP] Move traffic mark allocation handling from device to controller.*
  • [UAP] Tweak Wi-Fi Experience scoring.
  • [UAP] Update to hostapd 2.8.
  • [USW-Flex] Improve power management to allow PD(s) to power up when there is available power.
  • [USW] Enable libcurl verbose logging.
  • [HW] Add encrypted syslog/netconsole support.**
  • [HW] Crash and critical event reporting.
  • [HW] Enable LLDP support for all possible devices.
  • [HW] Improve inittab process management.

*requires controller 5.11.50/5.12.11 or later.

**for logging to UniFi Network controller in 5.12.3+.


  • [UAPG2/G3] Fix ‘HT Information’ IE.
  • [AC-M-Pro] Fix flipped port negotiation stats (reported HERE).
  • [HD/SHD/XG/BaseStationXG] Fix netconsole encryption support.
  • [HD/SHD/XG/BaseStationXG] Microcode update to resolve a rare memory corruption issue.
  • [UAP-XG/BaseStationXG] Fix range of issues with 10Gbps Ethernet PHY.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix available channel list when country code set to the Philippines.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix DVLAN support when using MacAuth.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix min RSSI support.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix RADIUS MAC Auth support.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix support for High-Performance Devices feature.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix to prevent PS-POLL storm from the STA connection state out-of-sync issue.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix unknown/inconsistent VAP warnings.
  • [nanoHD/IW-HD/FlexHD] Fix User Group support when using multiple SSIDs and/or wireless uplinks.
  • [UAP] Fix 802.11k Neighbor Report request function.
  • [UAP] Fix a race condition that may cause DNS failures for Guest Portal.
  • [UAP] Fix Fast Roaming support after hostapd 2.8 updates.
  • [UAP] Fix RADIUS DAS/DAC/CoA support.*
  • [UAP] Fix several memory leaks.
  • [UAP] Several fixes and improvements for Fast Roaming support.*
  • [US/US-PoE/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix DHCP leak on isolated ports when DHCP snooping is enabled.
  • [US/US-PoE/L2-PoE/16-XG/XG-6PoE] Fix IGMP fast leave provisioning (reported HERE).
  • [USW-XG-6POE] Fix flood of DHCP request/reply packets to all VLAN members.
  • [USW-Flex] Fix panic when netconsole encryption enabled.
  • [UIS] Add Port Security feature support.
  • [USW] Adjust log level for DHCP snooping and prevent flooding.
  • [USW] Fix port-based MAC filter whitelist bug (reported HERE).
  • [HW] Fix netconsole setup issue when multiple ARP addresses present.

*Still some ongoing work, but should be much improved.

Known issues in Unifi Firmware Release:

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