UniFi Controller 5.12.22 Release

Unifi Controller 5.12.22 release

Yes, This is going to be the longer release notes. We have Unifi Controller 5.12.22 release! After 5.11.50

The major points to be put at the start of this are some GUI changes (Again!) and the location of the device authentication credentials changed (Again!).



  • Cloud Email.*
  • Netconsole logging for USG.
  • New Settings.
  • Push notification support.
  • RADIUS DAS/DAC/CoA support.
  • Release channel selection for controller and firmware updates (New Settings).
  • Wi-Fi AI (New Settings).
  • Wi-Fi Schedule enhancements (New Settings).

*Cloud Email notes:

  • Enabled after successful Remote Access login. This will send (all) admin invites, alert/event, and password recovery emails via UniFi Cloud Access without requiring an SMTP server to be configured. We plan to add support for password recovery without having Remote Access or SMTP configured in a future update.
  • If SMTP is configured then that will be used instead of Cloud Email.
  • Add encryption support for Syslog and netconsole logging to the controller (requires firmware 4.0.58+).
  • Add error messages for invitations.
  • Add experience panel headers.
  • Add per-port STP toggle to device property panel and profiles.
  • Add property panel experience graphs.
  • Add site-to-site data to the VPN module.
  • Add subnet for IPv6 networks in Networks Table.
  • Add Wired experience score to client property panel.
  • Allow auto-upgrade for USG, USW, etc.
  • Allow multiple mirrored ports on a single switch.
  • Close column selector on the first outside click.
  • Complete Hotspot 2.0R2 support for WFA certification.
  • Exclude disabled devices from reported network health on the dashboard.
  • Filter all WiFi Metrics widgets by selected APs.
  • Improve Device Fingerprinting database.
  • Improve scan processing logic in Wi-Fi AI.
  • Improve scatter plot performance.
  • Improve token fetching/handling.
  • Improve wireless uplink detection in Wi-Fi AI.
  • In-Wall Networks/VLANs pre-population.
  • Limit auto speed tests to 2 per day.
  • Make an encrypted cookie optional for the built-in Guest Portal.
  • Refactor High-Performance Devices and add back to Auto-Optimize Network.
  • Reinstate green device icons for 1st gen UAPs.
  • Remove the sub nav from the New Settings nav item.
  • Show AP/port-based on wired/wireless filter.
  • Show only APs in poor Wi-Fi element list in Dashboard status tool-tip,
  • Stop bundling Java with a macOS package.
  • Store What’s New last version in BE.
  • Update default HT/VHT modes for Wi-Fi AI; 20MHz for HT20 for 2.4GHz and VHT80 for 5GHz.
  • Update the OUI table.
  • Use radio level satisfaction.
  • Use the same size for USW and USG port icons.


  • Add missing STP table head to the port profile list.
  • Add wrapping to forget device form.
  • Fix and improve the Device Fingerprint feature.
  • Fix authentication failure tracking.
  • Fix batch fingerprint console error.
  • Fix bug during initial setup which may cause Remote Access to be unavailable for 15 minutes.
  • Fix date range selector.
  • Fix Debug Terminal over WebRTC.
  • Fix DPI chart legend alignment.
  • Fix enable Remote Access error translation scope.
  • Fix external MongoDB startup issue.
  • Fix for payments tool-tip.
  • Fix invalid switch satisfaction scores.
  • Fix min RSSI settings not visible in device property panel.
  • Fix NPE for Download device info.
  • Fix NPE when removing Networks on-site without a gateway adopted.
  • Fix possible NPE when restoring a backup from the command line.
  • Fix property panel WLANS on change UI glitch.
  • Fix reordering firewall rules (reported HEREHERE, and HERE).
  • Fix settings console error.
  • Fix site switching over WebRTC.
  • Fix sorting by IP in the Past Connections list.
  • Fix switch port disables the function.
  • Fix topology scaling issue.
  • Fix untranslated country name in Speed Test modal.
  • Fix USG port form button wrapping.
  • Fix WebRTC logs fetching.
  • Fix wireless device list view filters.
  • Invalidate UI data.
  • Prevent reflow on AP Retry Rate scatterplot when the tooltip is shown.
  • Reduce NanoHD log spam when wireless uplink is down.
  • Remove duplicate STP settings in the port profile form.
  • Restore missing VHT160 channel width option. (Awaited!!)
  • Update certificates generated by the controller to be compliant with new Apple rules.

macOS Specific:

  • We stopped bundling Java as of UniFi Network 5.11.47. If you’re installing that release or later please make sure you have manually installed a current release of Java 8 beforehand. Only the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required.
  • Oracle JRE 8 offers the simplest path as it will simply “just work” without requiring any changes. We may investigate alternative JVMs and update this message accordingly.

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