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I know official unifi support is good but there are some points which I feel are negative. For example, the chat/email support is time-consuming and on top of that, the remote support has been withdrawn. So it’s better to have more than one options hence I felt to write blog about the common issues and I had a good response and some of the readers suggested to start providing support and hence I am going to try it. 

What I am trying to be different?

I would like to put this in points:

  1. Contact me with your queries and issues. (Please describe the problem in detail)
  2. I will provide you the solutions as soon as possible.
  3. If the solution provided in the first email response doesn’t work the options for the next level support will be open which includes: Remote/Phone support or telegram support.

I am excited and doing this for the first time on my own, just need some support and good luck!


About Support: 

My area of concern is to provide support on unifi wifi and controller related issues. (Just trying to stay compact for now). Though you can post any query, I can try to share what I know 🙂
For example queries such as the following:
Adoption issue/ controller startup failed/Access points disconnected/ Controller migration,etc. Also, I can help you with product recommendations and how to deploy them (at least an opinion :))

Experience and Qualifications:

1. The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) certified.
2. CCNA certified.
3. Hands-on experience with networking devices such as juniper, Cisco, Huawei also fiber communications, etc
4. Hands-on experience in various types of Unifi devices. (Was part of Official Unifi support team)

How to Contact Support (me)?:

1.  Fille up the contact form below with your query describe and I will provide you the solution.

2. Follow me on Instagram for updates and you can message me there.



Contact Support Form:

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